Indispensable in modern communication, audio branding allows people to identify your company and its values. Held to our rigorous standard of excellence, an original piece of music will deliver a great deal of added value to your brand.


Going beyond its traditional role of illustration, an OST can provide an additional and meaningful dimension. Apart from its aesthetical qualities, it becomes useful and takes part in the narrative.


In the accompaniement of young artists, Bon Enfant offers many services of music production: composing, songwriting, recording, arranging, mixing, pre-mastering...

Who are we?

During his literary and history studies, Jim developed his interest for music. He learned to master several instruments by himself (guitar, bass, drums...) and began producing his own tracks. In 2014, he formed his own band Shawondasee with P.O. and this experience convinced him of his love and natural talent for the craft: his career would now be in professional music. They work together in this new business partnership Bon Enfant, creating original sounds for companies in both audio and visual productions, providing a high quality and bespoke service for their discerning clients.

Graduated from ISTS in 2012, Pierre-Olivier is a french producer and sound engineer. He has always had a passion for both electronic music and Hip Hop, two genres that have inspired him greatly and motivated his desire to create his own sounds. Having joined Jim Calamel in the band Shawondasee and realizing that together they were a very creative force, it was natural next step to develop the partnership into the music business Bon Enfant. He has now worked hard to expand his musical taste to encompass all styles of the craft and so has the necessary diversity to be able to create sounds for what clients are actually looking for to suit their specific requirement. 

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